The Answer People, Inc. (TAP) is Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner.

Operating under the philosophy that, ​"The Truly Intelligent Person Is Not The One Who Knows All The Answers, But The One Who Knows Where To Find The Answers" and TAP maintains a network of technology professionals who are ready to provide you with expert services and quality products.

Our consultants have extensive practical experience with systems and web design, networking, hardware and software installation, project management and implementation and training. As your vCIO and MSP, The Answer People provides total trusted technology solutions including web services, Internet services, MS 365 Intranet solutions PCs, copier/scanners, printers, training and other technology solutions. The Answer People participates in the following partner programs: Microsoft, CISCO, Dell, Avast and Intel.

Executive Bios

Ms. Hermine Turner has over twenty-five years of experience in consulting, project management and training in the implementation and use of Windows operating systems, system administration, and the Internet based solutions. She is an experienced and certified trainer in a wide range of end user and enterprise applications. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Ms. Turner holds certifications in Microsoft Windows Client and Server, MS 365, and Microsoft (formerly known as Office) Apps, has CompTIA certifications in Networking, A+, Project, and Linux and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. With 10+ years of experience as Manager of a Consulting Services Group with a systems integrator specializing in the education market, and over 25 years of experience as a computer trainer/consultant, Ms. Turner supports The Answer People in its mission to help individuals and small businesses and large enterprises make the most effective use of their technology resources. View Ms. Turner’s credentials here.
Mr. Les Lance brings to The Answer People experience in the promotion of business through marketing, customer relations and strategies. He has been helping marketing managers, sales reps, small and large business owners grow their business through the use of technology for over fifteen years. Several of his clients has developed into award and grant winning businesses. With an expertise in marketing and design services, Mr. Lance offers a unique approach toward growing businesses by utilizing a wide variety of print and web solutions, as well as, an distinctive ability to identify the best technology solutions for the growth many business.